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Considerations for Home Care Services

Considerations for Home Care Services, Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act

Licensed vs. Unlicensed Home Care Services

The Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act took effect in California on January 1, 2016 mandates that all Home Care Organizations (HCOs) must be licensed by the Caliornia Department of Social Services (CDSS) prior to providing home care services. Additionally, all Home Care Aides (HCAs) employed by HCOs must be registered on the HCA Registry prior to providing care in the home. To provide the care that you or your loved ones need, the Act ensures that HCOs are using HCAs who meet training requirements, are free of active tuberculosis, and are background check cleared through CDSS.
Fact Sheet PDF - Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act

Differences Betseen Licensed and Unlicensed Care

LICENSED CARE Through an HCO, ensures the registered HCA meets mnimum training requirements, is clear of active tuberculosis, and is background check cleared with CDSS, HCOs will work with you to establish the HCAs' schedule, compensate for time off or sick days, and can provide a replacement registered HCA when necessary. Shoould anything happen to you or your loved one(s), there is a line of communication between the HCA and HCO. Additionall, CDSS investigates complaints made regarding and HCO and can issue civil penalties or revoke a license for non-compliance with the law and/or regulations. It is important to note, CDSS does not have statutory authority or responsibility to investigate complaints against registered or non-registered HCSs.

With UNLICENSED CARE (referral agencies, private hires, care placement agencies, etc.) the individuals placed in your home may nbot have any training to provide care. They may also have a criminial history that could be unsafe for you or your loved one(s). The caregiver may show up late, call in sick, not perform the job well or meet your needs and as they are independent contractors, there is no employer oversight. Additionally CDSS has no oversight authority over these unlicensed care entities or to investigate complaints filed against these entities.

Heritage Senior Care is licensed by the CDSS and all of our caregivers are trained and registered.

Benefits of Home Care

benefits of in home care

There are many benefits to home care for the elderly. From companionship and ensuring that there is someone around to look after your elderly loved one’s well being even when you are not present, home care has multiple benefits. Here are some good reasons why you should use home care to take care of your elderly relatives.


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