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Tips for Integrating Care & Companionship

In the field of Home Care Service, it is such an intimate opportunity to connect with our senior clients and evaluate their needs. Every senior is a unique individual, who has different interests, tastes and values; when making a connection with a caregiver our staffers go out of their way to make a great fit by evaluating personal needs and matching that with the experience of our caregiver. Here are tips on how to integrate more activities, encouragement to participate in physical fitness activities and a heightened level of engagement by utilizing Non-Medical Home Care Services in your home.

The process, of initiating care with Heritage Senior Care Inc., begins when one of our Care Managers takes the time to sit with clients, spouses or family members to truly understand what the specific needs of the client are. Health conditions are assessed beyond other details, but more importantly we want to see for example: Is your aging parent sociable or more Introverted – what do we need to do to best communicate with him/her? Does your Father need additional companionship? Does he need support ambulating outside, so he can go walk to the mailbox? These questions we ask are all equally as important because just basic meal preparation and toileting are not enough support for someone, there are multiple facets of life our well-being, our relationships with others, what we have given to society and what makes us happy.

Here are some tips about what a Caregiver from Heritage Senior Care Inc. can do for you:

Make and Prepare Frozen Meals that are Healthy and Delicious
Our Caregivers are there to help you prepare meals while they are there, but what about afterwards? We can assist by preparing a dish that is easy to freeze and reheat, such as Spaghetti, date it & put it in a freezer-safe container, with the amount of time listed on how long to prepare. Many clients have complained that they don’t enjoy processed/ freezer meals from the store – this can be an affordable and nutritious option to make sure a meal is readily available at any time.

Help Dictate a Short List
This could be a Dr’s Appointment Schedule for the month listed on the calendar, a grocery list or even a list of who to call in case of emergency – for small tasks your caregiver can help you organize your tasks of the week/ month, so you don’t have to worry about them. Beyond that, for those who need help with transportation to a Doctor’s Appointment, we can serve as an observational party dictating notes, so you receive all information discussed – at what can be at times less than a 15-minute appointment.

Fostering a Connection
Each senior individual that we care for lived a unique remarkable life that should be celebrated, I personally like to ask what each client did for a living because it is opens windows and doors of discussion that is quite fascinating. Revisiting details and reminiscing can be a great activity, especially with clients with Dementia that may continue to remember long- term events even though they have challenges retaining short term events (such as the birth of a recent grandchild).

Mind on the Music
One of the enjoyable activities that connects us all from the smallest child to someone in their golden years- is listening to music. I once had an experience listening to Roy Orbison and the Everly Brothers with a senior client, while his wife was away. When she returned home, she mentioned that her husband hadn’t broken out the records in years – that was quite a compliment to me – that we could reconnect with something that reflected the happiest years of his and her life. Even singing, if you feel inclined to – even if your voice isn’t Barbara Streisand- can light up someone’s day, perhaps make a time of day for even just 30 minutes where you can listen to music, radio programs or even books on tape- it may make a world of difference to someone to reconnect to what was influential and important in their life.

There are so many more ideas to Integrate more activities that complement the personal care services we provide at Heritage Senior Care. If anyone knows, the song- “Getting to Know You,” that is exactly what it is like – each connection we have between caregiver and our senior clients is something we encourage and celebrate. We hope this small piece helps in fully utilizing the services and talents of our caregivers, so we can offer your loved one the best quality of care and companionship.

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