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Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) Policy Review

A long-term care insurance plan can help families by offering access to a pool of money that can be used to pay for in-home care, nursing homes, assisted living or adult day care center. But every policy is different. It is important to understand the benefits you will receive and what services the policy will pay for.

Heritage Senior Care serves many clients by providing in-home care services through long-term care insurance. Our owner, Roni Mayben, is an insurance claims specialist, and she can perform a review of your long-term care insurance policy for free. Roni also often manages the whole claim process on behalf of our clients. Roni has experience and review policies from the following long-term care insurance companies:

  • ACSIA Partners
  • Agent Review
  • Brighthouse Financial
  • CLTC Insurance Sevices
  • Continental
  • Federal Trust Life Insurance
  • Genworth
  • GoldenCare
  • ohn Hancock
  • Lincoln Financial Group
  • LTC
  • LTC Consumer
  • LTC Resources
  • LTC Rider
  • LTCRplus
  • Mass Mutual
  • MedAmerica
  • Mutual
  • Nationwide
  • New York Life
  • Pacific Life
  • State Farm
  • The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
  • Transamerica

For more information or to schedule a review of your long-term care insurance policy, please contact our office at 1-800-562-2734

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