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long term care policy review

Long Term Care Policy Review

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I have been in the long term care industry for over 35 years, but my full time business is operating Heritage Senior Care Inc. We are a licensed non-medical home care agency that was started in 1983. I understand long term care insurance policies and how they work, but also the reality of care options they will and will not pay for. I am not going to sell you another long term care policy (I don't sell insurance). What I will do is review and explain what your policy covers.

What exactly will my Long Term Care policy pay?

I have worked for years with the following LTC Insurers: CalPers, CNA, John Hancock, Conseco, Bankers Life, MetLife, Genworth and Transamerica as well as many more.

Policy ResolutionI am also available to consult when a Long Term Care policy refuses to pay your claim or has denied your claim. The initial consultation is FREE.

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Your parent may be full of zip, ideas and big plans, but last week you noticed a dent in the car fender or realized the mailbox was at a jaunty new angle. How do you know when a bump is just a bump, or when it’s a sign that your loved one should pull off the road for good? Here’s how to tell the difference.


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