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When A Senior Adult Needs Help

It can be difficult for children or caregivers to know when additional help is needed. Losses for aging parents or spouses are likely to occur as a natural course. Whether they are affected by emotional loss, such as a death or physical loss, such as the ability to drive, the situation can be overwhelming.

Here Are signs to look for:

  • Unusual change in activity such as an unkept home or not dressing properly
  • Increase of falls or mishaps
  • Unusual changes around the house
  • Unpaid bills
  • Burn marks on pots or kitchen countertops
  • Not eating regularly and/or weight loss
  • Difficult finding words
  • Social isolation and loneliness
  • Changes in overall behavior or personality

Many seniors hide symptoms of failing health or coping skills and denial is often a way of coping. Respecting an individual's privacy, autonomy and independence is very important. Heritage Senior Care can help provide the in-home help you need.

Benefits of in-home care

Considerations for in-home care


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