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Senior Social Media Influencers You Should Follow


There are plenty of social media accounts about seniors and how to find information about caregiving, assisted living, or Alzheimer’s. But what about feeds for seniors? As one of the fastest-growing groups online, these senior social media influencers — from artists to advocates, celebrities to cultural icons — are creating a buzz that will change your views about who’s online and what they’re doing there.

1. Who is Baddie Winkle?

Baddie Winkle has 2.5 million Facebook fans, and she’s on a mission to discredit age stereotypes and myths about aging. She’s controversial — her Facebook bio says “stealing your man since 1928.” She’s colorful — in her personality and her profile pictures. And she’s even a little crude, so make sure you preview her feed before letting the grandkids take a peek.

2. Marty Schreiber of My Two Elaines

This former Wisconsin governor may only have a small Facebook following right now, but he’s just getting warmed up — and his message really matters. As an Alzheimer’s caregiver to his wife Elaine for 11 years, Schreiber wrote a book about caring for her, and has now made it his goal to be a strong caregiver and senior advocate — speaking in particular about the unique challenges of the increasing numbers of men taking on caregiving roles.

3. Sixty and Me

Margaret Manning is the maven behind the growing Sixty and Me online community, and her Facebook page, website, YouTube, and Twitter feed is full of relevant resources for women in their 60s+ who are reinventing themselves daily. From dating to travel, friendships to finances, you’ll find just about everything you need to know for living your best life in your later years.

4. Iris Apfel

The quirky and delightful Iris Apfel is from the Big Apple, but her fun and fabulous feed draws fans from around the world. If you love fashion, you’ll love Iris. If you love art, you’ll love Iris. And if you just love confident, statement-making women who are truly comfortable in their own skin, you’ll definitely fall in love with Iris.

5. Advanced Style

Speaking of worldwide fashionistas, Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style community is full of sophisticated, stylish seniors spotted on the streets of New York City to wherever his travels take him next. Though Ari is not a senior himself, his photography-based feed is 100 percent devoted to the unabashedly original, unapologetically bold and beautiful older adults he meets every day.

6. George Takei

Some of the social media planet’s most viral messages come from the brilliant universe of George Takei whose Facebook page currently stands at nearly 20 million fans and followers. From funny, feel-good videos and inspiring memes to thought-provoking posts and engaging forums, the former Star Trek original has a social media influence that’s truly out of this world.

This list will only continue to grow as older adults match the numbers of millennials and GenX-ers getting online. Whether you’re helping an older loved one get on social media for the first time, or even if they’re already an avid user, GreatCall’s Jitterbug Smart phone offers an easy way to access Facebook and other apps on the go. It’s got mobile internet access, a large 5.5” screen, a streamlined menu for social surfing, and other practical features like voice typing and a 24/7 emergency help app. And check out GreatCall’s line of other fun and functional options for tech-savvy seniors here.

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