Sue T.

As you know, Marcia passed away late Easter Sunday evening, April 24th. We would like to thank all of you at Heritage Senior Care for the excellent service you provided to Marcia in our home, in the weeks prior to her death.

In particular, we would like to thank Deborah Goldman, Care Manager, who came to our home immediately after I called her. She talked with Marcia at length and put her at ease about what was to come.  I believe we had a caregiver the very next day.  She even brought over some special boots for Marcia.  We so appreciate her going the extra mile in order to make us all feel comfortable.

You sent us Eileen.  Eileen was wonderful!  She was always cheerful and industrious.  Marcia was very temperamental at times, but Eileen took her moods in stride.  They giggled together a lot, and under the circumstances, I think that’s just what Marcia needed.  Eileen was a great comfort to me the morning after Marcia died.  She helped me clean up Marcia’s bathroom and bedroom, which was something I just couldn’t face that day.

You can be sure that we will recommend Heritage Senior Care to anyone in need of your services.  Thank you again!


Sue T.
Our Family Caregiving Report